15h00 – 16h10 CU 01  Clinical Update 
Chairs: S. Kasper (Austria) – S. Montgomery (UK)
 15h00 – 15h25 CU 0101 Which brain stimulation method has the best evidence base in resistant depression?
Frank Padberg (Germany)
Discussion 10 minutes
 15h35 – 16h00 CU 0102 Are antidepressants effective in depression in schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s?
Hans-Jürgen Möller  (Germany)
Discussion 10 minutes
 16h15 – 17h25 CU 02  Clinical Update 2 
Chairs: H.J. Möller (Germany) – J. Raboch ( Czech Republic)
 16h15 – 16h40 CU 0201 The evidence base for the efficacy of CBT in MDD
Borwin Bandelow (Germany)
Discussion 10 minutes
 16h50 – 17h15 CU 0202 Is the neuropsychiatric classification of psychotropics helpful to clinicians?
Joseph Zohar (Israel)
Discussion 10 minutes
 17h30 – 17h50 Prevalence and current practice in treatment of depression in Czech Republic
Chairs: S. Kasper (Austria) – S. Montgomery (UK)
Jiri Raboch (Czech Republic)
 17h50 – 18h15   CU 03 Clinical Update 3 SURVEY 
Chairs: S. Kasper (Austria) – S. Montgomery (UK)
Discussion on the on line Survey
 18h15 – 19h15 Opening reception
 08h30 – 09h40 CU 04 Clinical Update 4
Chairs: D. Baldwin (UK) – J.  Zohar (Israel)
 08h30 – 08h55 CU 0401 Advances in the treatment of OCD and related disorders
Naomi Fineberg (UK)
Discussion 10 minutes
 09h05 – 09h30 CU 0402 New findings in the treatment of anxiety disorders
Borwin Bandelow (Germany)
Discussion 10 minutes
 09h40  – 10h45 CU 05 Clinical Update5
Chairs: E. Vieta (Spain) –  J. Raboch (Czech Republic)
 09h40 – 10h05 CU 0501 Treating comorbid alcohol abuse in depression
David Baldwin (UK)
 10h05 – 10h30 CU 0502 Clinical update on the pharmacological management of alcohol use disorders
Julia Sinclair (UK)
Discussion 15 minutes
 10h45 – 11h00 Coffee Break
 11h00 – 12h10 CU 06 Clinical Update 6
Chairs:  J. Sinclair (UK) –  B. Bandelow (Germany)
 11h00 – 11h25 CU 0601  Update on treating resistant bipolar depression
Eduard Vieta (Spain)
 11h25 – 11h50 CU 0602 Treating bipolar disorder in the presence of comorbidity
Allan Young (UK)
Discussion 20 minutes
 12h10 – 12h45 Lecture: Smoking or Quitting: which is best for neuropsychiatric patients
Chair:  S. Montgomery (UK)
Henri-Jean Aubin (France)
Discussion 15 minutes
 13h00 – 14h30 Strolling Poster Award Session & Lunch
 14h30 – 16h30 SO 01 International Society for Affective Disorders (ISAD) Symposium
Chair:  A. Young  (UK)
 14h30 – 14h55 Advances in the treatment and understanding of Depression
S0 0101 Brain Catecholamines and Reward Processing in Major Depression

Gregor Hasler (Switzerland)
 15h00 – 15h25 S0 0102 Forging a New Path: Innovative Treatments for Unmet Needs in Depression
Mohammad Alsuwaidan (Kuwait)
 15h30 – 15h55 S0 0103 British Association for Psychopharmacology, Treatment Guidelines in Depression 2015: An Update on the Evidence
Anthony Cleare (UK)
 16h00 – 16h25 S0 0104 Vulnerability for recurrence in MDD; mechanisms, underlying brain dysfunction and potential targets for prevention
Henricus Ruhé (The Netherlands)
➤ Please note that  5 questions will be allowed at the end of each  session
 16h30 – 17h00 Coffee break
 17h00 – 18h15 SS 01 Scientific Session 1
Chairs:  A. Young (UK) –  G. Hasler (Switzerland)
 17h00 – 17h25 SS 0101  Concomitant antidepressant and antipsychotic medication in schizophrenia and depression. Role of prefrontal glutamatergic mechanisms
Torgny Svensson (Sweden)
Discussion 10 minutes
 17h35 – 18h00 SS 0102  Mood food:  Gut issues in depression and anxiety
Ted Dinan (Ireland)
Discussion 10 minutes
 09h00 – 10h10 CU 07 Clinical Update 7
Chairs:  A. Serretti (Italy) –  T. Dinan (Ireland)
 09h00 – 09h25 CU 0701 Pluses and minuses of DSM5 in depression and anxiety disorders
Stefano Pallanti (Italy)
Discussion 10 minutes
 09h35 – 10h00 CU 0702 What do post hoc analyses of antidepressant trials tell us regarding true efficacy and safety?
Elias Eriksson (Sweden)
Discussion 10 minutes
 10h15  – 11h50 SO Symposium 02
Chairs:  S. Montgomery (UK) –  S. Pallanti (Italy)
 10h15 – 10h40 SO 0201 Markers and personalised medicine in depression and anxiety
Alessandro Serretti (Italy)
Discussion 10 minutes
 10h50 – 11h15 SO 0202 Management of treatment nonresponse and treatment resistant depression
Stuart Montgomery (UK)
Discussion 10 minutes
 11h25 – 11h50 SO 0203  The meta-analysis of lifetime comorbidity: bipolar and anxiety disorders
Behrouz Nabavi (UK)
Discussion 10 minutes
 12h00 – 12h15 Closing remarks & Farewell coffee