Siegfried Kasper (Austria)

Stuart A. Montgomery (United Kingdom)

Scientific Advisers
Christer Allgulander (Sweden), A. Carlo Altamura (Italy), David Baldwin (United Kingdom)
Graham Burrows (Australia), Giovanni B. Cassano (Italy), Koen Demyttenaere (Belgium)
Elias Eriksson (Sweden), Teruhiko Higuchi (Japan), Robert M.A. Hirschfeld (USA)
Sidney H. Kennedy (Canada), Jean-Pierre Lépine (France), Mario Maj (Italy)
Alexsander A. Mathé (Sweden), Julien Mendlewicz (Belgium), Hans-Jürgen Möller (Germany)
Philippe H. Robert (France), Alan F. Schatzberg (USA), Dan J. Stein (South Africa)
Trisha Suppes (USA), Eduard Vieta (Spain), Lars von Knorring (Sweden)
Shigeto Yamawaki (Japan), Joseph Zohar (Israel)


WFSBP, a World Authority on Biological Psychiatry

Founded in 1974, the World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP) is a nonprofit, international organization composed of over 50 national societies of biological psychiatry, representing over 4.500 professionals worldwide.

WFSBP, Pioneering and Promoting the Highest Levels of Education and Dissemination within the Field

The principal objectives of WFSBP are:
• To foster and encourage scientific research and advancement in the field of biological psychiatry
• To improve the quality of training spanning all the biological psychiatry sciences
• To promote education and achieve the highest level of knowledge and understand within the field
• To provide information and guidance to all institutions, societies or individuals with an interest in biological psychiatry
• To establish, build, and maintain solid collaboration with international and national organizations related to biological psychiatry

Educational activities, national and world congresses, The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, the Federation’s website - the information portal of the Societies of Biological Psychiatry, Psych-e, the Federation’s official e-newsletter and the WFSBP Treatment Guidelines, collectively represent Federation’s portfolio and presence worldwide.